Rose Giacinto, business owner and ex-patriot of the United States, has been living in the BVI since 1981 and on the island since 1988. ROse has become an icon and an important personality of Virgin Gorda and it’s development.


Bath & Turtle 1988.

The Beginning

Bath & Turtle was purchased in 1988 from Tony and Mary Velleck by Rose and the late Michael Giacinto. Rose continues the business and is presently running the operation of Bath & Turtle/Chez Bamboo at one location.


Everybody knew her husband Michael because there were around 50 expatriates by then. They used to live on Marina Cay, moved back to NY in 1984 and decided to buy The Bath & Turtle in Virgin Gorda, November 1988. By then, it was only a tiny bar with a couple of tables. Unfortunately, Michael passed away in 1992. After this tragedy Rose decided to stay although it wasn’t easy for her. People believed that Rose could do it on her own. She loved the restaurant and being around people and so, she decided to stay.


Bath and Turtle has been an icon in Virgin Gorda and Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor for years. Sailors, charters, tourists, and locals have shared precious moments in this charming place. Live music, breakfasts, dinners, festivals, Caribbean buffets, vibrant happy hours and more added a picturesque and charming atmosphere to the Spanish Town scene until 2017. “In April 2017 we changed locations over to our restaurant Chez Bamboo in order to put both businesses under one umbrella. We have discovered, especially after Hurricane Irma, the transition has proven to be a huge success!” says Rose.

Bath and Turtle Restaurant

The Valley


Chez Bamboo

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Chez Bamboo is the product of love and hard work from Rose who fell in love with the property years ago and waited patiently for it to go on the market. When it finally did, she acquired it and turned it into one of Virgin Gorda's most popular restaurants.


A New Challenge

September 6, 2017. Hurricane Irma. This day will be forever remembered as the day Hurricane Irma, the most powerful Atlantic storm to ever make landfall, destroyed the Caribbean and decimated everything in its path. Irma was rated a category 5, but that’s only because there’s no such thing as a 6 or 7.

The morning after, Virgin Gorda dawned in silence and destruction. There was no water, food or shelter. “People were in complete devastation and a lot of women and children evacuated the island, which is very understandable. It was a life changing decision: but as a business owner of two well-known restaurants, the Bath and Turtle Restaurant and Chez Bamboo, that was not an option for me”, says Rose.

The efforts to fix what Irma destroyed were huge. After many long hours, days and months of hard work and dedication Bath & Turtle / Chez Bamboo is back with its charming personality, captivating colors, glittering lights, lush tropical plants, and vibrant live music nights.

Every morning Bath and Turtle wakes up with a coffee aroma and birds chirping. Welcoming another beautiful day in this Caribbean gem: Virgin Gorda.